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Our brewing styles

The brewing styles that we use at our Tokyo brew bar, and some other ones as well.



Our go-to recipe for pourovers. This recipe is intended for flat-bottom drippers and may require adjustments for other styles of drippers (V60, April, etc.)

Ideal for very lightly roasted coffees like ours.

Our pourover guide



Ideal for lightly roasted coffees.

The recipe is as follows:

  • flat 6-bar pressure profile
  • 18g in, 54g out (1:3 ratio)
  • 23 second shot (from water flow)
  • 91-93C brew temperature
  • No pre-wetting/preinfusion


シンプルで簡単、エアロプレスは誰でも安定して美味しいコーヒーが作れます。A simple and forgiving method that we feel comfortable recommending to anyone. Perfect for a busy morning when you need to get out the door quick.

Our Aeropress guide

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