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Gertrudis Sydra

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Degassing notice

We recommend degassing this coffee for at least 35 days, up to 70. Our coffees often peak around 45 days and 60 days post-roast and are best enjoyed from then until the 90 day mark.

Our omniroast style leads to abnormally long degassing times, but just trust us, once your coffee is degassed properly, you're in for a treat.


Hacienda Santa Gertrudis

Jose Luis Eguiguren

Sydra - Anaerobic Washed



This being one of the first coffees we've tried from Hacienda Santa Gertrudis, they blew our expectations away. This lot has an exceptional flavor intensity for a washed Sydra, incredibly intense in all aspects. Bursting with super bright and clean fruit flavors like green apple and mandarin orange, also presenting intense florals like chrysanthemum. But the most impressive part is the mouthfeel and finish, as this sydra has an almost sparkling-like mouthfeel akin to ginger ale, with a contrastingly silky finish. This coffee is an instant classic for us. 

Our tasting notes:

  • ginger ale, mandarin orange, green apple, chrysanthemum, lemonade

Area: Loja, Ecuador

Altitude: 1650 masl

Varietal: Sydra

Process: Anaerobic washed

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