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Corpachi Geisha and Pacamara: A spring awakening of delicious experimental fermentation flavors

Corpachi Geisha and Pacamara: A spring awakening of delicious experimental fermentation flavors

The closing of spring connotes the wind-up of great abundance. To it's end, we've had the pleasure of reviewing two sensational coffees sourced by world renowned SCA expert and our dear friend, John "JV" Vaz Matias. Aided by JV's boundless passion for specialty coffee and his work meticulously cultivating the world's best single origin beans, we've been able to source many great coffees that mark 90+ quality score in a SCA standard.

Thus, we're elated to round out the last of this season's givings with two of our latest Panamaian offerings from JV, a Geisha and Pacamara from Corpachi Farm.

A revival of nuanced cultivars

During cupping, we marveled at the Geisha's wonderfully floral and sweet notes which were amplified by anaerobic cold fermentation processing. We noted a
a remarkably juicy, long, peach-like acidity, and a sweet aftertaste, offering a bright twist on this distinctly elegant cultivar. Think graceful zests of lemon, followed by the bold sweetness of jasmine florals generously rolling into a delicate raspberry candy finish. 

The experimental, naturally fermented Pacamara stuns with an incredible brightness that pairs harmoniously with big fermentation flavors. The processes complex flavor profile, akin to a synthesis of both natural and artificial flavors reminiscent of bubblegum and concord grape, for example, combined with the inherent spiciness and brightness of the Pacamara cultivar sparked a tropical, intricate taste experience reminiscent of savoring the acqueous flesh of rambutan- something sweet, crisp, clean, and undoubtedly intriguing. A beautiful balancing act of brightness and big fermentation. 

Springing into incredible flavors

On pourover, the Corpachi Geisha delivered an increasingly generous stone fruit like acidity, and dashing jasmine florals which carried well into the smooth raspberry finish which delighted us so much during cupping.

The Pacamara's innate brightness shined through, pairing harmoniously with pronounced fermentation essences to result in a remarkably tropical and complex cup. Think delicious, blooming notes of rambutan, violet, mango, and sweet honeydew accompanied in the finish- which JV too found especially extraordinary during his 2024 non-Geisha Panamanian harvest. Corpachi Pacamara fairs among his most highly recommended coffees, boasting an SCA score even higher than most Geishas.

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