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Pepe Jijon Tyoxidator

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Degassing notice

We recommend degassing this coffee for at least 35 days, up to 70. Our coffees often peak around 45 days and 60 days post-roast and are best enjoyed from then until the 90 day mark.

Our omniroast style leads to abnormally long degassing times, but just trust us, once your coffee is degassed properly, you're in for a treat.

Finca La Soledad

Pepe Jijon

Typica Mejorado - Tyoxidator Washed



You all know Pepe. Every specialty coffee nerd under the sun knows Pepe. We offered this coffee last year as "Pepe Jijon" and it went viral for us, with super positive feedback. This year's lot is just as amazing, if not even better. Delicate notes of lemon with a super crisp and vibrant yellow apple flavor, accompanied by perfumed notes of lychee and apricot in the finish, not to mention its incredibly juicy mouthfeel. Every single note is very distinct and super clean, yet staying in the flavor range of the typica mejorado varietal. This coffee is just as good as you'd expect from Pepe. 

Our tasting notes:

  • yellow apple, lemon, lychee, apricot

Area: Imbabura, Ecuador

Altitude: 1515 masl

Varietal: Typica Mejorado

Process: Tyoxidator Washed

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